Dr Audrey Jansen van Vuuren

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Professionally Qualified Homeopathic Doctor Passionate About:
Accurately diagnosing and educating my patients, Following all legal and ethical directives prescribed by the Allied Health Professions Council of SA and remaining continuously informed about all major breakthroughs, discoveries and alternative homeopathic treatments for autoimmune diseases and other unexplained, undiagnosed occurrences.
I have been a practicing Homeopathic Doctor since 2009 and such, successfully treat many patients whose conditions and symptoms do not fall under any text book case or where blood and other special test results do not reflect the answers as to the cause of their illness or condition. Generally however, I find that my patients approach me when they are unhappy with the side effects being experienced through the use of their conventional medication.

Opposed to treating the effect, my patients are accustomed to benefiting from my commitment to uncovering and treating the cause of their disease/illness/symptoms by undertaking a holistic investigation into their lifestyle, eating habits, daily routines etc. in order to gain a full understanding of their individual circumstances so that an effective process of elimination can be implemented, enabling the body to heal itself back to optimum functionality. In order to achieve accurate diagnosis and to know my patients well, face-to-face consultations are compulsory and are never conducted via telephone, e-mail or Skype.

Treating the cause rather than the effect of a condition/disease, (more often than not), leads to curing it. One major difference of homeopathic treatments is that substances used, are highly diluted, making treatments non-toxic to the human body, therefore having little or no harmful and/or damaging side effects.

When necessary, homeopathic and conventional approaches can be used in conjunction with one another to give the most effective and appropriate medical care. In many cases however, homeopathic treatments can gradually reduce or remove the need for conventional drugs.
I always encourage my patients wanting to make changes to the use of their conventional medications, to discuss these with myself and/or their prescribing doctor/specialist as their treatments progress and I recommend that if at any stage of their treatment, they become concerned about changes in their symptoms, that they contact me immediately.
As a Doctor, I am committed to the ethics of my practice; I therefore do not berate other practitioners and recommend that my patients maintain their relationships with their GP’s or specialists. Additionally, I enjoy working with patients who embrace the importance of being informed about their conditions, general health and who take an active approach to maintaining their continued good health and well-being.

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