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Roodepoort Info is an internet information portal that has been going since May 2004, and is targeted at the public who works and lives in and around Roodepoort and the Westrand.
A Business Index with many businesses filed according to industry is available. These listings are all free and displays the name of the company, as well as their contact details.
Also available, is a Shopping Centre guide where all major Shopping Centres have a page with all their relevant information. Our Quick Map will give you view of the layout of Roodepoort and links to all its important amenities.
We have a Local News section dedicated to publishing links to News Portals with news relevant to Roodepoort and the surrounding areas.
Our Events Calendar has all events taking place in Roodepoort and the surrounding areas, whether it is an open day, sports day, promotion, dog show or any other event where the public is involved. Anyone may publish their events which is linked to their listing/s. A very helpful Weekend Guide is also included. This will help folks with decisions on where to take the kids for the day, or just an outing to get out of the house.
All useful information regarding public services and government information is available on this site – from Municipal information, to the Traffic Department, as well as Libraries, Rec centres and many more…


Please note that Roodepoort Info is not part of the Roodepoort Record or City of Johannesburg Metro. We are a private institution and reserve the right to publish any information on this site.