Submit a Business Listing
  1. LIST A BUSINESS OR SERVICE You have to register as a user in order to place a business or service. Once registered, click on Add Listing and complete as much info as possible. After submitting it, it will be sent to our approval desk. After approval your listing will be available on the website, and you will have access to make any changes or updates to your listing. Please note that your listing has to be a Roodepoort based business, or close to the borders of Roodepoort in order to qualify for a free listing. Click here to REGISTER
    Please note that only businesses in Roodepoort qualify for FREE listings
  2. LIST A CLASSIFIED Same process as listing a business or service. Please select the right categories under CLASSIFIEDS. Also only for classifieds based in Roodepoort.
  3. LIST AN EVENT Same process as listing a business or service. After submitting your business listing, you should be able to add events to that business. This will also be sent through to the approval desk before being published on the website.
  4. YOUR LISTING IS ALREADY ON THE SITE, BUT NOT ON YOUR ACCOUNT? If your listing already exists and you want it linked to your account, please email us your username and the listing name so we can link it for you. Email us at
  5. ADDITIONAL ADVERTISING OPTIONS Click here to view our advertising options and rates