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Pennyweight Avenue, Strubensvalley
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STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary form of Pilates that is designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints.
Benefits of STOTT PILATES ® are improved mind-body balance, posture, coordination and a strong, flexible spine and a stronger core, all of which promote a pain-free and injury-free life. Strong hips, legs, spine, and abdominal muscles benefit you in almost anything you do during a busy, active day. Healthy hips will keep you running and walking, standing, climbing stairs, bending, and lifting with much greater ease. The low-impact exercise routines do not put stress on body joints.
Many sports, including bike riding, tennis, golf, etc benefit from the strength, stability, and flexibility attained through Pilates. More resilient hips, lower back, and spine help with speed, endurance, and agility, and protect against the forces that impact your body as you play sports.

Address Pennyweight Avenue, Strubensvalley, Roodepoort, 1735
Cellphone 082-785-4890
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Telephone 082-785-4890
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Address Pennyweight Avenue, Strubensvalley