Miniature Steam Engines

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  • 1st Sunday of each month 09:00 to 16:00 (all year round)
  • 3rd Sunday of each month 09:00 to 16:00 (except during the last half of December when the trains do not operate)

The track consists of multigauge ground level track of 3.5″, 5″ and 7.25″ tracks. The track comprises two circular loops, the shorter of the two is about 450 meters long, while the longer is about 850 meters long. The total running surface of the track is almost 1,6 km’s. The vertical height difference between the highest and lowest points in the track work is 5 meters. The average ruling gradient/s is 1:100 to 1:80, although there is a section of track which is graded to 1:50 for approx 60 meters.
Other track features are, a single track concrete bridge, two single track steel structured bridges, a double track 2-span steel structured bridge, and two parallel tunnels. There are also three dead-end sidings, two by-pass loops through the station and two through sidings adjacent to the station. The station area contains 14 sets of multigauge points (railway standard point type). Regrettably, the track work does not contain signals, although there are gradient markers, whistle boards and two level crossings for general road traffic.
The main steaming bay (which is raised) can accommodate up to about 30 locomotives and consists of two traverses, a ground level turntable, and a lifting hoist to allow locomotives to move between the track and the main steaming bay/s. The main steaming bay also has a parking/loading siding and a separate on-loading or off-loading bay.
Additionally, there is a sub steaming bay which consists of a dead-end siding, an angular adjustable turntable used to assist in the off-loading and on-loading of locomotives and rolling stock, and a steaming bay. Both steaming bay facilities are fitted with quick-coupled water and air fittings.
Visitors are encouraged to bring their locomotives (each steam locomotives must have a valid boiler certificate, presentable on request.) Drivers’ licenses for all forms of traction are required. All motive power must conform to S.M.E.E. standards for flange and back-to-back wheel profiles.

Address Len Rutter Park, cnr Golf Club Terrace & Louis Botha Drive, Florida Park, Roodepoort, 1709
Telephone 082-837-2371
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