Lungisa Building Maintenance

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Lungisa Building Maintenance
We Do Building, You Do Life…

Work done with Integrity, Honesty & Reliability

Bathtub Repair/Replacement
Caulking (seal joints, connections)
Grout Cleaning/Repair/Sealing
Shower Doors-Install or Repair
Tap (Faucet/Spigot) & Sink Replacement
Tile Installation or Repair
Toilet Install or Repair
Vanity Replacement
Install/Repair Bath Vent
Install/Repair Grab Bars

Cabinetry Repair/Installation
Counter Tops
Dishwasher Install
Garbage Disposals
Tap (Faucet/Spigot) & Sink Replacement
Install/Repair Exhaust Vent/Range Hood
Install Under Cabinet Lighting
Microwave Install

Electrical Outlets Installed/Repaired/Replaced

Around The House-Interior:
Appliance installs
Build or Install Bookcases/Shelving
Wall & Ceiling Repair
Drop Ceiling Install or Replace
Custom Trim Work
Install/Replace Doors
Install Pet Access Doors
Flooring: Hardwood, vinyl, tile
Hang Mirrors/Pictures/Décor
Leak Repairs
Locks-Repair & Install
Sump Pump Replacement
Install Battery Backup Sump
Weather Stripping
Custom Carpentry
Custom Trim
Crown Moulding
Stair Rails

Assemble Products
General Cleanup and removal
Install Basketball Hoop
Install Blinds & Draperies
Dryer Vents
Filter Replacements-All Types
Insulation, adding
Hang (& Remove) Christmas Lights

Around The House-Exterior:
Awnings-Install or Remove
Brick & Stone Repair
Caulking (seal joints, connections)
Cement Repair/Patching
Deck Repair, Cleaning, &
Doors-All Types
Fence & Gate Repair
Flower Boxes
Garage Cleanup/Removal
Gutter Repair & Cleaning
Leak Repairs
Light Bulb Replacement
Mail Box Installs
Porch Repair
Screen Install & Repairs
Building Sheds
Roof Repair
Siding & Trim Repairs (Waterproofing Leaks)
Storm Windows-Install or Repair
Install Garage Door Opener

Safety & Security:
Child Proofing
Install or Replace Smoke Detectors
Battery Replacement
Install Security Camera

For smaller projects, repair work, or a long neglected “Honey DO” list we recommend our handyman service. We have highly skilled personnel that can perform a wide range of tasks and projects around your home or your business. No matter what your task, we can handle it.

Remodelling has been our primary business for years. We have extensive experience and qualified personnel that cover virtually all phases of residential and commercial remodelling. We focus on designing, planning, and producing the project you want within your budget. We seek and greatly value your input before the sale, during the planning process, and especially during the production of your project. Every project we complete has our name on it, and we want to be as proud of it as you are. We never compromise our own standards and we strive to provide you with exactly what you want-plus a little more! We’re very proud to say that we consider many of our past customers to be our best friends and our best source for new business. If you’re considering any type remodelling project please contact us for a free estimate.

As a business professional your time is valuable-when circumstances dictate the need for unexpected or planned remodelling, repairs, or maintenance it only makes sense to deal with a company that understands the value of your time and place of business. We understand that it’s vitally important to you to get your work completed within your time frame and your budget, and to get it done at a minimum of inconvenience to you, your staff and/or patrons, and we’re happy to schedule our work around your business hours if necessary and work nights, weekends, or other times to get your work done without major disruption to your business. No project is too large or too small-recent commercial projects have ranged from minor wall repair in an office setting to overseeing the conversion of a former restaurant facility to a donation centre. That particular project included major electrical and plumbing, extensive cosmetic work for walls, ceiling, and trim, framing of walls, installation of doors, troubleshooting/repair, overseeing the removal of commercial kitchen components, and major debris disposal and cleanup.

For those bothersome monthly/quarterly/yearly tasks that never seem to get done on time-we can set up pre-scheduled times to change filters, clean out drains or gutters, , change the light bulbs, or whatever you may need. Contact us, and we’ll discuss a plan customized for your needs.

Contact us for any of your large or small cleanup and removal needs. From simple junk removal to full home or business cleanouts or just to move Grandma’s bed across town-we’re ready, willing, and able to get the job done. Since we’re much more than just a junk removal company, we have the manpower and the skills to combine other projects with your cleanup and removal needs if necessary. Our rates are determined per job-simple projects can be quoted immediately; others may require a free site visit. We’ll schedule weekend and evening appointments if needed, and we guarantee our pricing will be well below the “other guys”! We recycle whenever possible, donate usable items to charity, and may even consider cost reductions in our rates if we’re doing the removal off something of value. Contact us with your needs!
~Garage Cleanups Construction Debris Removal Appliance Removal~
~Household Cleanouts – Office Cleanouts ~
~Furniture Disposal/Moving Deck Tea routs ~ Yard Debris~
~Pool &Jacuzzi Removal Interior/Exterior Tear outs~
…………And Much More!

The current economic climate has produced a record number of foreclosures in the last several years. Foreclosed homes are everywhere and in literally all sizes, conditions, and price ranges. Many investors are choosing to buy and rehab properties that are available for prices well below the market values of several years back. The prudent buyer or investor has an unprecedented opportunity to capitalise on these properties if they buy wisely, but purchasing the wrong property at the wrong price can be devastating financially, and unnecessarily drain your time and energy for an extended period.

It is not unusual for motivated buyers to miss or overlook potential problems and underestimate the cost of getting the property in the condition necessary to re-sell or rent the property, and likewise it’s not unusual for motivated sellers to underplay problems and costs involved in bringing the property up to standards.

We’ve been in the business of estimating and producing projects that touch on literally all of the components of any property, inside and out. We know what to look for, and it’s our business to know the costs and problems associated with any and all projects related to renovations and “fix ups”. It’s our business, and we look at projects realistically, our bottom line depends on being right and thorough. So does yours.

How Can We Help You?
Before You Buy:
For a nominal inspection/consultation fee, we can perform a detailed onsite inspection, assessing the general condition, mechanicals, and interior and exterior features and components. We’ll provide a written report that outlines our general assessment along with our thoughts on what may be substantial concerns and recommendations. We can also produce an optional and more detailed report that analyses specific estimated costs of materials and labour required to upgrade the property to the requisite condition necessary to sell or rent it.

After You Buy: We can help you budget the project and set up a realistic timeline based on your budget and priorities. We can provide any and/or all of the cleanup and interior and
exterior work on the home, or supplement your own efforts with those of our workers in a program tailored to your budget, timing and needs. We can also advise you on materials and suppliers that we’ve worked with over the years that may save you time and money.

Whether you own or manage a single or multiple units, your rental income depends upon quick, efficient, and cost effective turnover of vacant units.

At Lungisa Building Maintenance “Fixt It” we have the expertise, experience, and manpower to handle virtually every task and job needed to get your property ready for the next renter quickly, professionally, and with a minimum of effort on your part.

Many property managers depend upon a variety of different companies or individuals to handle different parts of the turnover process, creating scheduling conflicts and unnecessarily adding time, expense, and hassle to the process for you. We can handle everything from the initial cleanout straight through to the final cleaning, thereby eliminating delays that sometimes happen when multiple parties are involved in the process.

We’ll do a detailed inspection to assess needs and suggest options and solutions if necessary, then quote you a firm price and timeline. We’ll work double shifts if necessary to meet your timeline to get your property in the proper condition so you can show it and rent it with a minimum of downtime. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and we’re sure you’ll agree, our prices are extremely competitive. Below is a partial listing of some of the services we can provide for you;
*Cleanup & Trash Out
*Wall Repair
*Painting (Interior & Exterior)
*Door & Window Replace
*Trim Work (Interior & Exterior)
*Plumbing Repair
*Electrical Repair
*Appliance Installs
*Cabinetry Replacement
*Faucet Replacement
*Vinyl, Laminate, Wood Flooring
*Carpet Install

Contact Us Today For A Free Inspection And Assessment!

Let’s fix, and then Sell!
Putting your house on the RESALE MARKET is a major decision. And in order to obtain the very best price you will likely have some work to do. Those small repairs you’ve been putting off need to be taken care of. The home improvements that buyers are looking for should be completed. And a thorough clean up and clean out of your house will put it in the best light. Luckily, handyman services like us can help you with all of those things and more.

Your Repair List is the First To Go!
The house will not sell for top Rands unless all of those minor (and also the major) repairs are been taken care of. A handyman can help you to fix up the plumbing problems that have been plaguing your family for months. They can also fix up the painting, do any minor wiring and electrical work needed and patch up holes in the drywall. Anything that detracts from the look or function of your home should be looked after, presenting the very best face to prospective buyers. Hiring a handyman to handle these projects will help get your house into tiptop shape quickly. It will also free up your time and allow you to handle all of the other tasks that go along with selling your house. Rest assured that the price received for your home with all of the repairs done will make up for the investment made into handyman services.

Home Improvements Present a Better Face!
Besides tackling the necessary repairs, a handyman can get at home improvements that will dress up and modernise your house. Even simple projects like a new coat of paint can make a major difference to the overall look of your home, presenting a fresh and clean face to agents and buyers. Dated features and worn fixtures should be change and putting in neutral and affordable options will help your home to look more up to date and attractive, allowing it to compete with the model homes on the market today.

Clean Up and Clear Out!
Not only can handyman services help you with repairs and improvements, they can also help you tackle some of the cleaning and clearing that needs to be done. Have the wood floors buffed back to their original shine or pressure wash the deck and porch to clean up the exterior. Make sure your home is sparkling clean in every way – from the smallest corners to the largest floors and everything in between. It’s important to remove some (if not most) of your possessions as well, allowing potential buyers to get a better feel for how their family could live in your home. Think about the amount of things in a model/modern homes and aim for that look. After you have the closet cleaned out call in a handyman to build some shelving and better organise the space. Or bring in a handyman firm to clear out the rooms and dispose away the unwanted or donate the items found. The cost of these services is well worth the time and effort involved and will leave your home looking much more attractive and liveable. Make your move easier by hiring handyman services to help get the house in shape. All of those repairs will be taken care of as well as any improvements your realtor / a real estate agent suggests. Think about what you can clear out and clean up to create the look of a model/modern home and let your handyman lend a hand. This work will leave your home in the best shape possible, helping you to obtain the best price – the ultimate goal in real estate business.

Now you can sell your house easily!!

We offer FREE site viewing, so for your FREE QUOTE contact us today.

Why trouble yourself to fix the repairs. Save yourself the hassle and enjoy your time engaging us to do all your jobs. We have the skilled workers with proper equipments and tools to solve your problems immediately and on time. We are just a call away, so call us now at 079 436 4241 and save all the troubles! List us your complains & defects and we will help to solve it for you as soon as possible.

Free Quotation and Viewing!!
Painting and Interior Works:
• Whole House Painting
• Plastering for Walls and Ceiling
• Floor Polishing
• Timber Flooring Polish and Varnishing
• And other minor renovation works

General Installation:
• Hang pictures, photos, artwork, painting, mirrors and etc
• Assemble/Dismantle of furniture
• Install curtain rod, track and curtains
• Install of Toilet/Kitchen Accessories (Minimum of 5 pieces)
• Install shelving or wall shelf
• Mount plasma/LCD TV onto wall
• And other handy works

• Install light fixture and other false ceiling PLC light
• Install hanging light, crystal light, exclude chandeliers.
• Install ceiling fan and wall fan
• Install bathroom ventilation fan and water heater
• Replace designer light switches/ power point
Supply & run new power points Single or Double
• And other electrical works

• Install kitchen sink, basin tap, and mixer tap and pull out faucet sink tap
• Replace basin/ kitchen PVC bottle trap, chrome
• Install kitchen sink including tap, inlet and outlet pipes
• Run/ extend new washing machine/ fridge tap point
• Install rain shower mixer set
• Install Geyser / storage heater with plumbing
• Removed old & apply silicon sealer for kitchen sink basin and bathtub
• Supply & replace glass shower screen door seal on bottom and side
• Clear choke at sink, basin or drain
• And other plumbing works

• Replace and re-align cabinet door hinges, wardrobe door
• Reposition hinge hole on damaged cabinet door
• Replace gas spring on lift up cabinet / dish rack glass door
• Supply & install new drawer/ cabinet lock and replacement
• Add new shelving in wardrobe or cabinet
• Install new hangar bar in wardrobe Install door lock set, main door lockset
• Supply & replace timber door – door closer
• Minor carpentry / repair works
• And other wood works

Metal works:
• Welding repair metal swing/ sliding gate
• Replace sliding gate roller wheels
• And other metal works

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