Hypnohealth Hypnotherapist

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At the Hypno Health Centre a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF) will assist you in utilising the ancient, natural state of hypnosis to heal trauma, phobias, anxieties, weight problems and bad habits such a smoking. Owing to its fast, efficient and long term benefits, this non-medical form of therapy has become increasingly popular. Healing is based on the powerful "trance-forming" ability that works on the subconscious mind which we all know is the part of us that does or does not allow us to function at our ultimate best. This is also the part of us where phobias and other problems are born, and therefore it is in the subconscious where they are to be mended. Medication only suppresses the problem, but with Hypnotherapy we get to the root of the problem, identify it and let the subconscious mend it ….PERMANENTLY…No side effects,100 % natural, 100 % safe.

Let us help you be the best you can be.

Address Beltone Medical Hearing Centre , 311 Jorrissen Street, Monument, Mogale City, 1739
Cellphone 832356633
Telephone 011 953-4114