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In South Africa, the Department of Health estimates that approximately 83.4% of the entire South African population (54.9% of women and 28.5% of men) fall into the overweight/obese category. The figures for Europe and USA are even higher than the South African statistics, where obesity is a growing health concern (Time magazine 25 October, 1999. Experts project a sharp, continued growth in this area.

At THE FIRM® Slimming and Health Clinics we specialise in Slimming Techniques, Thermal Cellulite treatments, Inch Loss and Muscle Toning. We have the most advanced program to make those embarrassing lumps and bulges disappear from your thighs, hips and buttocks. Our friendly and experienced team will customise your treatment to help you achieve your own personal goals. Visible results guaranteed.

Here you will find information on weight loss, how to maintain your desired weight and what The Firm® is doing to help people lose weight. The Firm's vision is to empower people through highly effective weight loss programs to succeed at weight loss.

Professional Slimming, Toning, Inch loss & Anti-Cellulite Program.
This program provides precise, controlled and concentrated exercise for muscles which have lost their natural elasticity. In just a few sessions there will be remarkable inch loss and tightening. This is an ideal treatment for body shaping and weight loss. Used in conjunction with our unique Infra-Red Treatment effectively reduces Cellulite and is therapeutic for weak backs, painful joints and bad posture. A gentle Lymph drainage massage flushes toxins and reduce excess fluids.
THE FIRM® is fast becoming the most talked about slimming and body toning system in the country. Thousands of clients have achieved exceptional success and many have experienced lasting results from the treatment. THE FIRM® slimming system remains without equal, for it is more than just reducing weight. It is a complete program of scientific figure control that gives positive results. Not only overweight people benefit from the treatment but people who are unable to do exercise for medical reasons or who have a busy schedule can also benefit from the highly advanced slimming treatments.

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