John Wycliffe Theological College

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John Wycliffe Theological College

In cooperation with North-West University

Wycliffe sends out his Lollards with the Scriptures. See, Legacy of John Wycliffe
 John Wycliffe Theological College is named after the man rightly hailed as the "Morning Star of the Reformation." Over 600 years ago, Wycliffe fought tenaciously for the truth and authority of the Word of God and trained his "Lollards" to do the same. This derogatory title given to Wycliffe's followers may have signified "mumblers" or "seed sowers," and the latter aptly described the activity of preachers faithfully proclaiming the truth wherever they went.

We share Wycliffe's burden for "scattering the seed of God's Word" by proclaiming the truth and resisting error. Issues similar to what he faced urgently confront us today, which explains the establishment of this college to prepare men to preach the precious gospel of salvation wherever God calls them. Combining the above burden and the truth of 2 Tim 2:1-15, the motto of our college is "Training faithful men to scatter the seed of God's Word."

Training Men for Gospel Ministry

Men from any church background may apply. Our aim is to provide training for Christian men in whom we discern a call from God to the pastoral ministry.

Our task is focused and exclusive. We neither provide general Christian education nor view theological study as an end in itself. Rather, we are engaged in specialized theological disciplines, which equip men to accurately understand, powerfully preach, and pastorally apply the Word of God to his people. Therefore, all courses are relevant to pastoral ministry.

Our labours are spiritual and academic. Only men who deeply love the Lord and his people can effectively teach theology at the College. This devotion must be a priority over the possession of both an expert knowledge of God's truth and the ability to communicate it. Students must develop similarly in these areas, which are intimately connected to the qualifications for the ministry (See 1 Tim 3:1-7).

We have an excellent Christian bookshop, Good Neighbours

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